Pan-European Professional Advisory

"I believe that every right implies a responsibility;

every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty."

John Davison Rockefeller

About Us

Pan-European Professional Advisory was founded in 2016 by Francesco Aiesi as a Prague-based family office aiming at an international level, with special focus on providing services to HNWI and ultra-HNWI, other family offices, institutional investors and Italian companies operating within Czech Republic.

The team's extensive experience, which has been gathered in diverse sectors and different geographic locations, allows us to identify innovative and effective solutions, through a vast network of partnerships carefully selected amongst the best market players for each sector.

Our project originates from the strong belief that any problem, as well as any opportunity, requires a tailor-made solution, to be sought together with the customer within a network which possesses extremely high specialization levels.

In today's complex and constantly evolving world, Pan-European Professional Advisory, together with its selected network of partners, embodies our fundamental principle of being a stable and complete reference point for the client.

"Il futuro è sempre nelle mani di chi lo sa anticipare."

"The future is always in the hands of those who can foresee it."

Enzo Ferrari

Our Services

Family Office

Wealth management, wealth planning, succession planning and asset management services for HNWI and ultra-HNWI.


Advisory in company development policies, investments in corporate, real estate and distressed assets.

Institutional Investors

Support to institutional investors in real estate, corporate and industrial development acquisitions.


Financial advisory services, support activities in establishing and managing qualified investors' funds.


Support to companies in the EU, especially in the Czech Republic, as well as in the non-EU area. Consultancy and support in finding legal, accounting, tax and bureaucratic services.


Advisory during company mergers, changes of ownership, acquisitions

"Se una cosa deve essere fatta, va fatta ora."

"If something must be done, it has to be done now."

Carlo Riva

Our Team

Francesco Aiesi


Over 30 years of experience in the Financial, Banking and Insurance sectors, started in the Italian Program of the Fininvest Group, and then Fida Sim - Cassa di Risparmio di Torino Group.

Director from 2001 to 2003 of the special projects division in Banca Generali with the aim of adopting the Italian model and founding Banca Generali Espana.

Business Development Manager at Anchorage Group AG (2006-2012) and ENEA IM S.A. (2012).

Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Family Officer Association (2012-2017).

Founder and CEO of Edge In Partners Ltd. (2015 -) aiming to create a Multi Family Office with a banking license in Prague.

Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Good Life SICAV.

Rena Abubekirova


More than 20 years of successful entrepreneurial activity in various fields.

Organization of business for foreign entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and other European countries, registration of companies and solution of administrative tasks, recruitment work, organization of joint work of potential investors with entrepreneurs and financial advisors.

Experience in conducting a certified tourism business with partners of the world's leading tourism organizations and entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

Higher education in the field of linguistics, tourism. Proficiency in 6 languages: Russian, Czech, English, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Turkish

 Christian Di Sante

   Managing Partner

Entrepreneur and investor, has been active in the investment world for 20 years.

He has an experience of about 10 years as a financial consultant (Banca Mediolanum and Banca Generali), and then in real estate and diamond investments.

He lived in Indonesia and Singapore, where he was involved in financial advice for some wealthy Asian clients.

To date he has started 3 startups (in the tourism, services and web fields).

He is a member of APA Milan, the association of small shareholders of AC Milan.

"Non ho idoli. Ammiro il duro lavoro, la dedizione e la competenza."

"I don't have any idol. I admire work, dedication and competence."

Ayrton Senna

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